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One of the major issue in married ladies and can be possible in young girls due to vaginal infections.

Prolapsed of Uterus
Uterus muscles get weak or when stretched no longer support the uterus, in consequences causing prolapsed. When uterus slips and sags from its normal position and feels like pressing towards vagina.

Displacement of Uterus
When uterus and vaginal wall moved downwards and feels heavy in pelvic cavity its means that uterus displaced from its original position.
Ring off Capsules composition is complete solution of such complaints:

Aletris far

A uterine tonic which covers after effects of miscarriage and
leads towards fertility.


Helps to normalize prolapsed, enlarged or displaced uterus,
also very useful for vagina tightening.

Recovers the sterility and improves female’s reproductive system
Mang sulph

Works very well to mitigate thick leucorrhoea and normalize
irregular menstruation.
Sepia 30

Helps to prevents from habitual abortion and also relieves in leucorrhoea

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