Abies nigra

 110 1,000


Head: Hot, with flushed cheeks. Low-spirited. Dull during the day, wakeful at night. Unable to think.

Stomach: Pain in stomach always comes on after eating. Sensation of a lump that hurts, as if a hard-boiled egg had lodged in cardiac end of stomach; continual distressing constriction just above the pit of the stomach, as if everything were knotted up. Total loss of appetite in morning, but great craving for food at noon and night. Offensive breath. Eructation’s.

Chest.: Painful sensation, as if something were lodged in the chest and had to be coughed up; lungs feel compressed. Cannot be fully expanded. Worse coughing; waterbrash succeeds cough. Choking sensation in throat. Dyspnea; worse lying down; sharp, cutting pain in heart; heart’s action heavy and slow; tachycardia, bradycardia.

Back: Pain in small of back. Rheumatic pains and aching in bones.

Sleep: Wakeful and restless at night, with hunger. Bad dreams.

Fever.: Alternate heat and cold; chronic intermittent fever, with pain in stomach.




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3, 6, 10M, 12, 30, 50M, 200, 1000, CM, LM


20ml, 30ml, 120ml, 450ml, 500ml


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