Kamal 21 Tablets (30gm)



Every living organism is composed of certain chemicals which are present in the body and make cells and then tissues. Chemicals are in shape of elements. Each cell contains these elements in different proportions. The German scientist doctor Schuessler’s discovered that any change in the cell or tissue changes its structure. He also discovered that there are some elements which have health supporting effects of several mineral salts that were developed homeopathically for the assimilation by the cells of the body. They are called as tissue salts or cell salts. These salts in some form act on the body tremendously, having no toxic effects and used as bio-chemic salts, suitable for general health complaints and can be used by infants and children.
Some infants have become very problematic to their parents. In this condition, especially during teething, the child becomes irritating and suffers with diarrhea, fever, gastric complaints and loss of weight etc.
For this Purpose, Kamal has developed a biochemic combination


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