Dr. Reckeweg R 130 Insulin Drops – 22 ML




Diabetes is an age old chronic lifelong disease of malfunction of the Pancreatic Cells (which produces little or  no insulin) and carbohydrate metabolism resulting in High Blood Sugar, disturbance in production of glycogen and its storage in the liver and muscle tissues.Due to the present hectic lifestyle, improper food and late eating habits, inadequate physical activity, being over weight, increased cholesterol and tension etc. Diabetes has become a fast spreading disease all over the world. To control Diabetes the above mentioned causes should be addressed with regular exercise, long walks, diet and medication, otherwise serious health consequences would occur.

R-130 consists of a unique formula (Insulin and Epinephrin) which incombination with other regular indicated remedies for DIABETES MELLITUS has a more effective action for the metabolism and pancreatic excretory dysfunction.

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22 ML


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