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Mind.–Hallucinations. Frightful visions. Kleptomania. Loss of memory. Forgets what has recently happened. Wants nothing to do with anybody. Brutal.

Head.–Vertigo, with tendency to fall backward. General confusion. Wants head low. Pupils dilated unequally. Face blue. Spasmodic facial twitching. Dull occipital headache (Gelsem, Picric ac).

Mouth.–Jaws fixed. Bites tongue; trembles; feels as if swollen and too large; protruding.

Throat.–Scalded sensation; as of a lump.

Stomach.–Nausea; retching; eructation. Bloated around waist and abdomen. Wind colic.

Urine.–Constant desire. Very strong odor; deep yellow color (Kali phos).

Sexual.–Darting pain in right ovary. Spermatorrhśa, with relaxed, enfeebled parts. Premature menopause.

Chest.–Sensation of weight on chest. Irregular, tumultuous action of heart can be heard in back.

Extremities.–Pain in limbs. Paralytic symptoms.

Relationship.–Compare: Alcohol; Artemisia; Hydrocy acid; Cina; Cicuta.

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20ml, 30ml, 120ml, 450ml, 500ml


3, 6, 12, 30, 200, 1000, 10M, 50M, CM, LM


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